The 1st Asian/Pacific Master’s Fin Swimming Competitions

Tasmania, Australia



 Please note change of dates for this competition
Hobart - Tasmania - Australia - December 5th,6th,7th,8th, 9th 2002
December 5th :  Arrival Registration - Traning
December 6th :  1st Day of Competition
                                        25m Apenea, 800m Surface, 50m Surface, 100m Scuba
December 7th :  2nd Day of Competition
                                         50m Apenea, 400m Surface, 800m Scuba
December 8th :  3rd Day of Competition
                                        100m Surface, 1500m Surface
December 9th : 4th Day of Competition
                                       400m Scuba, 200m Surface
December 10th : Sight seeing
                                       Coach or Boat tour
December 11th : Depart or Tpur

We regret any inconvenience with these changes but we were unable to get accommodation in November as this is our high conference season.
We would appreciate an answer from you soon of intention to send a team with approximate numbers so that we can hold accommodation for these dates.
We cannot guarantee that accommodation will be available if we do not hear from you by the end of May 2002

Executive Officer : Wendy Robertson
P.O Box 37 G.P.O Hobart Tasmania 7000
Phone : 0418 136 777
Fax     : 613 62347894
Email  : activec@bigpond.net.au